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4 Romantic Dinner Ideas - Make it a Night You'll Never Forget

Dinner dates are one of the best things that we look forward to when we want to spend a special time with our girlfriends. But don't you think that usual dinner date in a restaurant is becoming overrated. Well, of course it's a classic, no doubt about that.

But why don't you add a little twist and surprise your girlfriend by making it a little bit different? She just won't get glad you've made efforts --- she'll totally fall in love with you all over again. Here are four romantic dinner ideas for you and your girlfriend - choose one and get busy tonight!

* Star gazing by the rooftop. If you're looking for a lot of kissing and hugging right after your date, this is the perfect dinner date idea for you --- prepare dinner yourself or just order take out from your favorite fast food, spread a blanket and voila! Instant haven for you and your girl under the stars!

Champagne would be nice too. Just make sure there's no impending rain though. Better check your local weather report before anything else. Otherwise, you will have a blast!

* Movie marathon by the couch.You've probably done this a lot of times before but hey, nothing beats the heavenly feeling of watching your favorite flicks on your very comfortable and warm couch while cuddling your girlfriend all night long.

So order pizza, fill your glasses of coke to the brim, add some fries and enjoy the night away! Add up a horror or thriller flick in there as well --- that would work too.

* Board games by the bed.This is for brainy couples who're up for some major mind-boggling games all day. Let all your board games out of your closet --- scrabble, boggle, monopoly, chess, domino --- you can cook dinner yourself or you can opt for take out as well --- anything goes.

You will be in there for a long time so have plenty of food handy. Place bets or do strip poker --- whatever. It's going to be a long busy night.

* Picnic by the beach.For nature-loving couples, the beach is the perfect getaway from the stress and pressure of the city. Plan a weekend with your girlfriend, stack up junk food and barbeque and head for the beach (a double date or inviting both your friends over would be a great trip as well!) --- nothing beats the romantic ambiance with the waves and moonlight.

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