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Romantic Games For Two - Keep the Passion Alive in Your Relationship

Wouldn't it be so refreshing and intense at the same time when you engage into fun activities with your sweetheart every now and then?

Well, it's always a great feeling if you can share a laugh with someone you love --- not only does it help you link stronger, it also helps the both of you get comforted from strain and worries meaning more romantic and intimate time together!

Be a little adventurous today and make use of romantic games for two --- make it a habit to play romance games to make you together time something you'd both look forward to!

* The Sizzling Strip games. There about a million strip games out there. Usually, this is done in a group but it's also fun if you do it with your sweetheart! Strip poker, strip chess, strip checkers --- try to play board or card games and then strip every time you lose. The best thing about this is that you can both build sexual tension, and you'll be making out sooner than you expected.

* The Intimate Kissing games. Tease each other to kiss. This is also called the seduction game. Try to lean towards each other as if trying to kiss and then pull away. The first one who can't stand the eagerness and actually lunges for the kiss, loses.

You can do all the tricks you want. Smother you lips with cherry syrup and lure the other to come get a taste. State in each other's eyes while cuddling in bed. Be playful with your lover for a change!

* The Sensual Massage games. Are you up for one sensual escapade? Spend the whole weekend together, pile up the board and card games and then try to give each other massages, preferably the loser doing most of the massaging.

You can also bet on a Sports game or on the weather or bet on what the time the pizza delivery boy's coming. A massage is sensual and you'll be on each other all night, I promise you.

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