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How Romantic Love Games Can Add Spice To Your Relationship

Looking for a fun way to add a little spice to your relationship? Try playing a romantic game with your partner!

Not only are they provocative and sensual, they also allow you and your partner to open up to each other, in ways you may otherwise have experienced.

Romantic games are one of the easiest, and most fun ways for couples to improve their relationships.

They bring about a sense of deep intimacy, as you and your partner experience and reveal things you may have missed.

The key is to have an open mind, and heart. Leave the judgment behind. This is about getting comfortable with your partner, and experiencing something new together.

Here are some common types of romantic games:

* Dice Games - Get a set of "love dice", and role them to see what you can do for your partner.

* Board Games - There are special romantic board games that you can buy. In them, you have to do certain things to your partner when you land on certain spaces.

* Tasty Games (use flavored body paint, chocolate sauce, whipped cream..etc)

* Kama Sutra Games - See how many positions you and your partner can do in one week!

* Truth or Dare Games - Find out your partner's intimate secrets, or dare them to do something naughty..

* Strip Games (there's one out there called "Strip Chocolate" that is really popular.)

* Costume or Role Playing Games - Does your partner have a fetish or fantasy? Dress up, and show them what you've got!

* Bondage Games - Find some hand cuffs, or tie each other up.

These games can range from sweet to dirty, and can get as wild as you want them to! But no matter which one you choose, all of them are sure to bring that playful element back into your relationship!

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