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Romantic Questions For Couples - Couples Game of Love

Asking your partner a few romantic questions in an appropriate time and place may liven up the romance considerably. The right questions may also deepen the intimate relationship between the two.

The type of romantic questions would differ for those in a fairly young relationship (young couples in love) than those established ones (older relationships of 10 years or more).

In either case it is not too late in kindling the love spark by asking a few romantic questions that will definitely enhance the relationship of any couple.

Before asking these intimate and very private romantic questions make sure that you are in an appropriate setting. The mood must be relaxed and romantic. Candlelight, a cozy fire or a bottle of your favorite wine can do wonders to create the desired situation. For young couples in love some of the romantic questions may go like this:

• What physical aspect about me first grabbed your attention?

• What do you think is my most attractive personality trait

• Would you like to grow old with me?

• How far will you go to prove your love to me?

• What is your idea of an ideal romantic relationship?

Older couples whose marriage has been through the mill so to speak may have a different line of romantic questions to ask their partner.

Here the emphasis is placed on rekindling old love whose flame has not quite died out. Asking the appropriate question could make all the difference in revitalizing the romance. Here are some romancing ideal questions to ask:

• Do you recall that first time? Do not leave out any details

• What do I do that is your biggest turn on

• What aspect about myself do you love and appreciate the most

• What do I have to change to make our love stronger?

Sweet and romantic lines at the right time and place can do wonders for a relationship as well as have an immediate reaction on the opposite sex. Games devised for a sweet and romantic experience might be just the solution to pep up your love life or to discover unknown secrets about your lover. There are many board games available on the market today for just this purpose.

One of the more popular ones is 'truth or dare'. As the result usually ends with an intimate gesture it would be wise to choose the questions with care. The main objective of these games containing sweet and romantic lines is to bring about the most intense romancing situation that can also benefit the relationship.

There are various types of games that contain sweet and romancing lines. The more relaxed ones usually end with an embrace or massage. The more daring ones involve foreplay that will most certainly lead to a sexual encounter. These seem to be the most popular ones.

Of course the explicit graphic games leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. They are definitely for those that do not like to waste time getting into the nitty-gritty of things.

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