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Romantic Games for Couples

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Looking for free romantic games for couples? Romantic games for lovers are a fun and romantic way to spice up your relationship and love life. You can find free games for couples in many different styles to have fun with your lover.

First, you want to ask yourself, what kind of romantic games are you looking for? We have all types of games for couples - from bedroom games to questions, puzzles, and even board games.

Are you looking for a fun game to play in the bedroom or online? Do you want to play it alone with your partner or in a party? These questions help you find the best romantic games.

Here are some top free romantic game ideas for couples...

1. Romantic Game: Roll the Dice

It is a simple yet fun game you can play with your lover anytime and anywhere. It can be a normal casual game for couples or a hot game as well - depending on how you like to play it.

The rules of the game are simple. You make a list of 1-6 romantic things to do (kiss, massage, etc.) and a list of 1-6 places where you can do those stuff (lips, legs, park, sofa, etc.).

Then simply roll the dice twice and see which romantic thing you should do to your lover and where. It makes it an exciting game to play for couples and lovers. Just be creative and naughty to make it double fun.

2. Romantic Game: Strip!

This is a hot couples game you can play at home, in the bedroom, or even in a party. You can play is as strip poker with different games - card games, Monopoly, question games, and even Scrabble.

Just set some ground rules first. For example if someone loses a point, he must strip an item of clothing. Also if they win a point, they can put back on an item of clothes. It's lots of fun and can turn into a hot lovers game soon.

3. Romantic Game: Free Love Tests

Another type of fun romantic games for couples is love tests. You can find all types of fun love tests that help you not only discover more interesting secrets about your partner, but also have a great time and laugh.

Question Games for Couples are a fun way to ask any question you want from your partner and find out the answer. You can even play this game as a Truth or Dare game to make it more fun and naughty.

Find out more Free Love Tests here to play with your lover and have fun!

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